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Over the 15+ years I've been using GNU/Linux, there are many programs that have become second nature to me. As a hacker, I enjoy tinkering with my system---why use a desktop environment when I could do the same thing with 100s of programs and hand-written scripts...!?

Each day I feel up to it, I'll give thanks to a free/libre program that has made a positive impact on my life, from every corner of my operating system, with the hope that others will find them interesting too.

“Keeping one’s home tidy”:

This intro to #Guix Home 🏡 explains how it goes beyond mere “dot files” so you can configure and recreate your home environment anytime, anywhere.

I gave two talks at FOSDEM this year. Both of the recordings are now up!

Lisp, but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone (co-presented with @mlemweb)
Spritely Goblins Comes to Guile: Distributed, secure, asynchronous programming

We've just published the Guix-HPC annual report!


See how we support #ReproducibleResearch workflows, from core #Guix work to #SoftwareHeritage support to #Jupyter integration and more.

“Tuning packages for a CPU micro-architecture”

Or how Guix’s new ‘--tune’ option allows #HPC users to get SIMD optimizations without giving up on #reproducibility.

#EmacsConf talk by Andrea Corallo on #Emacs 28 native compilation through libgccjit is exciting!

Amazing how much was achieved in little time.

I got a working #kotlin compiler built with #guix! If you recall, this is a dependency I need to build #gradle, the build system used by #android apps and many others.

Don't get too excited though, it's only the first of a very long bootstrap chain. That kotlin I built is from 2012, the last that did not require kotlin to build.

This is all thanks to the excellent work done by Emmanuel Bourg, at, on top of which I bootstrapped all other dependencies.

Everyone's heard that "network effects" are how Facebook grew its user-base - but now the FTC is homing in on how "switching costs" let Facebook hold those users hostage.

Watch video from #LibrePlanet 2021: “Adopting free software ideals” with Mike Gerwitz: See all LP21 videos on PeerTube at!

“Current trends in the automotive industry point to a future with you locked in a remote control car, your vendor holding the remote."

#GNU #Guix 1.3.0 is out, woohoo! 🎉


Lots of good stuff in there: usability improvements, performance improvements, #POWER9 support, and more!

tla2tools (TLA+ tools) for Guix has been merged! You can now enjoy model checking, typesetting, and more on your Guix system. If you're into that kinda thing.


TLA+ Tools patch series submitted after ~17 hours of work:

I'll consider tackling TLAPS (the proof system) in the near future, if I have the energy and it's not too involved.

The Simplicity of Making Librem 5 Apps

"The Librem 5 makes its application development workflow extremely simple."

#librem5 #freedom #apps

I'm pretty excited that I have a working + Tools package for working now (tla2tools.jar). But I have a lot of cleanup (for it and new dependencies) to do before offering a patch, and some more wrapper scripts to write. Also need to figure out why some pcal tests are failing.

This allows for model checking, simulation, and LaTeX output generation, among some other things as well.

Working on a TLC2 (TLA+ model checker) package for Guix, until I found that one of its dependencies is lsp4j (not yet packaged), which is built with Gradle, which is not currently packaged in Guix.

This escalated quickly. I should probably try to build without Gradle. My Java skills are weak, so I guess we'll see how this goes...

Just got my COVID-19 vaccine. This is not just important for myself and my family, but also to reduce the risk of spread to others.

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