Over the past year, my GNU Social timeline has gone almost completely silent; it seems that many people have moved to Mastodon and maybe those instances have stopped federating.

Further, GNU Social development has been stalled for a long time.

So this seems like an inevitable decision to give Mastodon a try. I'll start by following people and will post both on here and GNU Social initially. See

@mikegerwitz Unfortunately I believe Mastodon dropped OStatus support. I'm not sure why they did that before GNU Social would have AP support.

@tealturtle @mikegerwitz iirc dansup wrote up a pull request for AP support in GNU Social a while back that was all but ignored by the maintainers. Pretty certain they just want to let GNUSoc die at this point

Interesting historical perspective.

Seems to align with #embraceExtendExtinguish and we wrote yesterday about how we see signs of a tumultuous time for Fedi ahead, especially if we don't have lots of eyeballs on the code.

We've produced (#)FediFlyers featuring a possible BugBounty in the hope that diversity in this space can be furtive ground for improvement, rather than a singular pathway towards #artificialImpoverishment.

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