My wife and I are growing increasingly anxious about her giving birth at the end of April, given forecasts of the effect on our healthcare system in the United States, especially in New York.

It's not just about our exposure. Will beds be available if she has complications? Who will watch our children if any of us have symptoms? Will I even be able to be in the room? Will our newborn be safe? So much and more.

@mikegerwitz All good questions. Try not to worry too much. Don't forget that humans have been having babies without hospitals for hundreds of thousands of years so as a species we're quite good at it.

@jxself Oh c’mon. What kind of argument and advice is that? Please look at infant mortality over time† before you start risk managing other folks babies.


@mikegerwitz in these difficult times I hope you consult a healthcare professional and make plans how to proceed to minimize any risks involved. Take care.

@kmicu We'll be in frequent communication with her OB/GYN, but there's still much uncertainty as this evolves.

The organization that owns the hospital we'll be delivering at today dedicated another location exclusively to dealing with COVID-19 patients, so the hope is that our location will be safer.

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