Yesterday I mentioned that I use i3 as my window manager. Unlike some others, i3 does is not a compositing WM---it doesn't provide double buffering.

Consequently, I may notice tearing when scrolling in my web browser, switching workspaces, or looking at fast-scrolling terminal output.

To fix that, I use compton. It provides other features, like shadows and transparency, that don't make sense for me in a tiling WM. I just use the `-CGb` options.

Speaking of compositing, I remember back in the day I bought a new video card just so I could have smooth effects with Compiz and Beryl, like a cube desktop; painting fire; rain; wobbly windows; etc.

And now I have no effects to speak of.

(Compiz Extras + Beryl later merged into Compiz Fusion, which is now just Compiz.)

...I get some intense nostalgia looking at some of those screenshots.

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