One of my favorite command line tools is `dict`---a dictionary and thesaurus. I use it multiple times a week. If you find yourself prefixing search queries with `define:`, this tool is for you.

If you install `dictd`, you also get the freedom and privacy of answering your own queries on a system you control, without the need for Internet access.

@mikegerwitz There's also a slew of supplementary dictionaries available, or you can simply create your own in the dict format

Several translation dictionaries, and on Debian, US Census locatin data also.

Dictd is networked, so you can query it from other local hosts, if you like.

@dredmorbius @mikegerwitz yeah, discovered it about a year or two ago and haven’t stopped using it since.

@mikegerwitz pro tip: curl also supports the dict protocol: curl dict://

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