I primarily use GNU Emacs as my editor, but I've been using Vim for much longer (~15y). I find the keybindings of Vim to be superior for text editing (and so use evil-mode in Emacs), though I will mix Emacs keybindings in when they are more appropriate. I tend to use Vim for quick edits, or when I use heavy macros on large files.

But Emacs is so much more than a text editor, and I use it for many things. That will be the subject of a number of future posts.

@mikegerwitz I like vim if I have to use it in screen on terminal but I like vs code on modern gui os's

@mikegerwitz I've heard that Emacs is a great operating system, it just lacks a good editor.

@wolf480pl How can it lack a good editor if one can use vi in Emacs? Are you saying vi is not a good editor or is the issue that we cannot run Visual Studio in Emacs? 😈

@kmicu @mikegerwitz vi is bot really native in Emacs... it's like runnig it in WINE - do you say a game has a Linux version when the only way to run it on Linux is through WINE?

I've heard people say that Evil is a good text editor for Emacs, but I can't confirm that.

@wolf480pl @kmicu I wouldn't compare it to Wine---the keybindings in evil-mode work just as well as Emacs defaults. I've been using Vim for 15 years, and evil-mode offers nearly every feature I use in Vim. For features it doesn't offer, I add my own keybindings to emulate it (e.g. I had upstreamed a folding patch some years ago), or use Emacs ones.

Before evil-mode, the vi(m) emulation was pretty bad, which is what left me waiting for years.

@mikegerwitz @kmicu I didn't mean evil-mode is like wine. I meant running vi inside a terminal inside Emacs is like wine.

@wolf480pl It did, until evil-mode ;)

Joking aside, it depends on what I'm editing; sometimes I'll drop out of evil-mode if I feel it's better suited to a given task. I actually only enable evil-mode for text-mode and prog-mode hooks (and all modes that derive from them). I also use the (default) Emacs-like keybindings in readline in Bash.

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