So I purchased a Logitech C920 webcam, which has UVC support. The USB ID is 046d:0892.

My primary driver is an X200, which is great for my typical uses, but horrible for transcoding. But guvcview is able to record 720p raw (no transcoding) at a full 30fps (well, just slightly under), with audio. So I could offload transcoding to another machine (either pre-record, or stream).

This works under GNU Guix System with entirely free software and zero setup.

And one of my golden retrievers decided to try to eat it while I wasn't looking. So it's also durable, though I don't recommend buying for that use case.

(Sorry for the delete & repost---I left a "not" in the original message that completely negated what I was trying to say.)

As mentioned here, an older version of the C920 had a different ID (046d:082d, which is the one typically listed for GNU/Linux support) and had H.264 support:

Recent versions, including mine, stream MJPEG and do _not_ support H.264. Just an FYI.

@patrick You may have meant this already, but I want to clarify for others, since the name "MJPEG" could cause people to interpret your statement in two different ways.

The name is confusing. MJPEG refers to "Motion JPEG", not MPEG:

H.264 is vastly superior from a technical perspective, but patent-encumbered, licensed by MPEG LA:

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