The "you aren't important enough to microchip" meme is a pretty bad combined take of two important issues. Dispelling COVID myths (including BS microchip ones) is important. Microchipping conspiracies are wrong.

It's not because the person isn't *important or valuable* though.


@cwebber There's disappointing irony in that people get up in arms (no pun intended) about these dangerous fantasy scenarios, yet care little about actual real-life tracking that's done each and every day, and is far more invasive and accurate than anything that could be somehow invisibly put into your arm.

And, certainly, advertisers and data brokers think you're important enough to track.

@mikegerwitz I had put a reply on the birdsite that I forgot to put here:

> There's a parallel, in a context where something *is* happening: prior to the Snowden revelations, we used to hear "Stop being paranoid, you aren't important enough to surveil."
> Well, now we know that isn't true, since we're all being surveilled.

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