The FSF is seeking a principled, compassionate, and capable leader to be its new executive director. This position can be remote or based in our Boston office:

@fsf The new #FSF executive director must have the guts & motivation to change the embarrassingly false "C" rating for to an "F".


@resist1984 @fsf This is a volunteer effort. I was part of the team that set it up many years ago, but I haven't had time since then. And while this was created in collaboration with the FSF, authority over it falls to GNU.

If you or others are interested in participating, please send a message to If you don't hear anything there, send me a message.

@mikegerwitz @fsf The Gitlab problems have been raised a few times since 2019 IIRC, recently here: so there's nothing new to say. RMS also advocated for immediate #Gitlab downgrade ( over a year past initial calls for the downgrade.

@resist1984 @fsf Last I was aware, we were in need of volunteers to go about making the necessary changes for the update. I suspect that's still the case.

I'll inquire (off-list).

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