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So I purchased a Logitech C920 webcam, which has UVC support. The USB ID is 046d:0892.

My primary driver is an X200, which is great for my typical uses, but horrible for transcoding. But guvcview is able to record 720p raw (no transcoding) at a full 30fps (well, just slightly under), with audio. So I could offload transcoding to another machine (either pre-record, or stream).

This works under GNU Guix System with entirely free software and zero setup.

I do have a system that supports OpenGL 4 (>=3 is needed for my kids to play SuperTuxKart), and it happily recommends 1920x1080. But it's not physically placed in an optimal recording environment, to say the least.

OBS on my X200, having to run in software mode since OpenGL 2.1 is not supported, has determined that my optimal output resolution is...a whopping 426x240.


As someone who works almost exclusively from a terminal and is happy with older hardware, I'm not used to my software basically outputting "lol".

@jeffcliff @cowanon @mangeurdenuage @bigl0af Yes, that's my LibrePlanet 2017 talk. You can find the slides, references, and other information here:

@ademalsasa @fsf Thanks to all the GNU maintainers and contributors to those releases!

What happened at the US Capitol is disgusting and disgraceful.

I have to leave it there [for now].

@cwebber (But my GNU mail goes straight from the servers hosted by the FSF to my local mailserver on my internal network.)

@cwebber Yes I have a VPS as well. Governments are difficult to include in a threat model, especially for email. But I don't try, because I trust that e.g. my GPG-encrypted communications with you are safe no matter what host you use (aside from unencrypted headers), provided you continue to decrypt them on your own machine after having retrieved it from your host.

Getting flagged as spam is indeed a problem.

@cwebber Who would you otherwise trust with your email?

I've self-hosted for well over a decade, though I admit that most of my mail goes through my GNU account (which then gets merged with my personal account on a local mailserver on my internal network---so I self-host both an external and internal mailserver).

@cwebber @fossandcrafts @mlemweb I actually really enjoyed reading that. I've only dabbled in Audacity, so it's interesting seeing how you approach these problems.

And a good use of guix time-machine!

The four-person tech team at the FSF delivers a huge range of services for the free software community. Learn how you can support their work, and share with #UserFreedom!

@mmu_man @eff Yes, I can't help but feel like this article presents a false dichotomy. Apple has put themselves in this easily foreseeable situation, and could have avoided it entirely and respected privacy in the process.
This tricky situation is one of their own making.

I typically expect the EFF to make that clear by explicitly noting that such a situation should have never happened in the first place. This instead reads like a dismissal. Why?

The county I live in has the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the entire state of New York (7-day rolling avg), and is on the verge of another shutdown of non-essential businesses.

The entire state. That includes New York City, on the opposite end of the state.

This also as my wife is heading back to work as a nurse on a floor with COVID-19 patients. Nearly half of them, according to the county, under the age of 64.

Whether you care or not, your actions affect those who actually do.

vent: emacs, conservative mindset, hate tags 

vent: emacs, conservative mindset, hate tags 

For those who may be wondering: it's an X200, and the script simply polls /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-2/status.

The `xrandr` utility can be used to configure outputs for X11 from the command line. For example, you can use it to configure and inspect resolution, position (relative to other monitors), rotation, scaling, refresh rate, DPI, and much more. It can even apply geometric transformations.

As an example, since I don't use a desktop environment, I have a script that detects when I connect/disconnect my laptop to/from its dock, and applies the appropriate monitor configuration.

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