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A challenge in getting users to adopt services that respect their freedom and privacy is convenience. Video conferencing is one important example: you need a server to host it, which most users cannot set up properly on their own, and even if they can, it can be burdensome.

The @fsf has done something excellent: they're now providing a Jitsi Meet service where FSF associate members can create channels to talk with family and friends:

GNOME settles patent, gaining for the free software world a release and covenant for any software that is released under an existing free software license:

Videos from #LibrePlanet2020 are live! Watch Dennis Payne explain the importance of free software game restoration:

Lawsuits by patent trolls have gone up, not down, during the Coronavirus pandemic. They're 20% higher this year—including this one against a company that makes ventilators.

Remote education has provided an unfortunate opportunity for privacy-invading proprietary software to invade students' lives. Learn how many people are fighting back:

Inconvenient truths are just that. The cynic in me has a pretty low bar: at least recognize it as such.

I'm feeling burned out from being burned out, without having fully resolved the initial burnout. Metaburnout?

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled for @eff client Public.Resource.Org, and affirmed that no one can "own" the law. This is a huge win for due process rights!

#LibrePlanet2020 videos are here!!!! Catch up on the sessions you missed on our Mediagoblin page, and share these entertaining and educational videos with everyone you know:

Staying in touch is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, but so is maintaining your software freedom. Check out our comprehensive list of largely user-friendly free communication tools and let everyone know they can do #betterthanzoom:

My wife and I are growing increasingly anxious about her giving birth at the end of April, given forecasts of the effect on our healthcare system in the United States, especially in New York.

It's not just about our exposure. Will beds be available if she has complications? Who will watch our children if any of us have symptoms? Will I even be able to be in the room? Will our newborn be safe? So much and more.

Social Responsibility Amid COVID-19 Outbreak:

As an activist for user freedom, I focus primarily on issues of social freedom and equality through the lens of technology. I think about how to level the playing field, to help those who are vulnerable.

But some of the most effective things we can do today to make our contribution to society has nothing to do with software. Please consider others, even if you don't worry about illness yourself.

This software, Nextstrain, is free software to aid epidemiological understanding and improve outbreak response, licensed under AGPLv3!

The 2019 Award for Projects of Social Benefit is @letsencrypt, whose inspiring application of free software principles has enabled thousands of people and organizations (including the FSF!) to help their users browse the Web securely.

Congratulations to Jim Meyering, the recipient of this year's Award for the Advancement of Free Software! Jim is a longtime contributor to the GNU coreutils and Gnulib; the entire free world has benefited from his contributions.

End-to-end encryption is the best way to protect privacy online. It can't co-exist with a requirement that online services scan everything.

I'm sad to see that the in-person conference was cancelled this year, but I think it was the right decision. This must have been a very difficult decision, especially for a conference run by a non-profit and volunteers, and also considering that some may not be able to get refunds on e.g. travel tickets.

But they'll still be streaming live this year:

I hope everyone reading this is in good health and I hope to see everyone in person in 2021.

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