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We have over 1000 registered attendees this year from all around the world! As an activist, it's inspiring to see!

Still changing my talk in fairly substantial ways ~17h before I give it? Sounds about right.

I hope you'll join us at tomorrow, regardless of whether you're interested in hearing me speak!

Some people expressed curiosity in what my diet tracking setup looks like, so I attached a screenshot.

I have some custom code on top of org-mode I call org-diet. Day to day usage is just done in emacs, then I run custom code to generate reports.

Why do I always give talks on such broad topics that I have to spend a bunch of time removing things because I have 45m, not hours?

Though, I think I could take virtually any topic I know a little bit about and find enough depth to talk for hours. So maybe there's no hope for me.

But, as usual, I find myself still working on core parts of my talk days before I'm due to give it. Something I vow not to do, every year.

Trying to carefully stitch relevant portions of mostly shower-thought rants into a carefully crafted talk with decent segues.

You can judge for yourself whether I succeeded in doing that on March 20th at .

(Yes, this post is me procrastinating. My head is spinning. I should probably go to bed.)

Oh man, this year I'm switching my slides to 16:9 for LibrePlanet. The future is here!

I think the projectors at LP were 4:3, and that's why my slides were? Anyone recall? Am I making stuff up? Or was it because of Beamer support?

My X200 is even 16:9 (well, roughly).

LibrePlanet 2021: Adopting Free Software Ideals

I will be speaking again at this year's LibrePlanet on March 20th, which will be online. This year, I’ll be talking about challenges with adopting free software ideals and the impact that it can have not only on individuals, but also on our community as a whole. This talk will be personal, drawing upon my evolution over the past fifteen or so years.

Speaking of speaking, I still need to catch up on the FOSDEM talks. I'm sorry to those of you who spoke and are reading this that I haven't taken the time yet! Soon!

I will be speaking at on March 20th. More information to come.

Representing ancient Greek numerals in LaTeX turns out to be a bit more difficult than anticipated.

With regards to the history, I found this to be valuable and interesting:

For the digamma at 6, \varsigma is often abused. But \varsigma does not have a distinct character in the Euler font (it renders as \sigma); fortunately that can be rectified in text mode using \fontencoding{LGR}{\char99}.

The archaic koppa ("qoppa") is \char19 in LGR.

Looks like I missed a lot of really interesting talks this weekend. I'm excited for the recordings!

I should have just planned ahead and recorded the streams, but I didn't even have the time to do that.

The talk ended up looking like a demo of new features I worked on as I was preparing it.

One of the things I showed is the #GNU #Guix System Explorer, a new tool to visualize and query system components and their connections:

tl;dr: Ship every FOSS project with a "guix.scm" file.

These can be used to set up dev environments with
"guix environment -l guix.scm"

Projects built using Guix as a dev environment are free from the "binary-black-box-container-only" plague, healthier for user freedom!

Guix has made it into Debian Unstable! This means Debian users can use Guix as a "userspace" package manager now!

This is really wonderful! Debian and Guix both care deeply about reproducibility.

This could be a big win for user freedom on both (cotd ...)

With my recent C920 webcam purchase, I decided to give it a test by using it and another generic webcam with OBS Studio to create a multi-perspective live 1080p live stream of my kids' Leopard Gecko enclosure. It streams to RTMP nginx proxy on the same box so that other computers on the LAN can connect via e.g. VLC.

My kids love watching it and positioning the cameras (C920 as a top view, the lower-quality camera as a cute ground-level face view); it feels like a zoo exhibit.

As mentioned here, an older version of the C920 had a different ID (046d:082d, which is the one typically listed for GNU/Linux support) and had H.264 support:

Recent versions, including mine, stream MJPEG and do _not_ support H.264. Just an FYI.

And one of my golden retrievers decided to try to eat it while I wasn't looking. So it's also durable, though I don't recommend buying for that use case.

(Sorry for the delete & repost---I left a "not" in the original message that completely negated what I was trying to say.)

So I purchased a Logitech C920 webcam, which has UVC support. The USB ID is 046d:0892.

My primary driver is an X200, which is great for my typical uses, but horrible for transcoding. But guvcview is able to record 720p raw (no transcoding) at a full 30fps (well, just slightly under), with audio. So I could offload transcoding to another machine (either pre-record, or stream).

This works under GNU Guix System with entirely free software and zero setup.

I do have a system that supports OpenGL 4 (>=3 is needed for my kids to play SuperTuxKart), and it happily recommends 1920x1080. But it's not physically placed in an optimal recording environment, to say the least.

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